Let dramatic Cumbrian and Yorkshire Dales views drift into sight as you take to the skies over Kirkby Lonsdale on the ballooning adventure of a lifetime!

Balloon Ride Over Kirkby Lonsdale 

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Stunning. Magical. Epic. Unforgettable…

Imagine the breeze wafting over you as some of the country’s most glorious countryside starts to unfold before you. You’ve just imagined a hot air balloon ride over Kirkby Lonsdale. As you rise gently up over Whoop Hall, so your eyes will be immediately captivated by the path of the glistening River Lune. Watching it snake in a north-south direction, lets you know your ballooning adventure has well and truly begun.

As you begin to gain height, so the scale of the wild beauty of the Yorkshire Dales becomes apparent. With windswept peaks and patchwork of rolling hills, no two vistas are the same, and you’ll be hard pressed to draw your eyes away from the unforgettable views that continue to impress with every passing moment. But ballooning is all about 360° views and your Kirkby Lonsdale ride is not different. Let your eyes venture southward and so the storybook vistas of the Forest of Bowland sits on the horizon. If the wind pleases, you’ll drift closer and closer to this spectacular Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Should your flight take you towards the coast, so Arnside and Silverdale AONB comes into view, and to the north of that, you will see the stunning backdrop is that the Lake District, with its jagged peaks and shimmering lakes, it’s quite the contrast to the gentle gracefulness of Arnside & Silverdale. So if you’re looking for a champagne balloon ride that brings epic views, that you’re free to enjoy morning or evening, any day of the week, then this balloon flight from Kirkby Lonsdale is simply perfect.




Historic Crossing

Cameras at the ready for the picturesque Devil's Bridge in Kirkby Lonsdale and lots more!

Shimmering Horizons

Perhaps you'll drift westward towards open sea, or magnificent shimmering lakes.

Brooding Beauty

Let the natural splendour of the Yorkshire Dales unfold before you on this epic balloon flight.

A Magical Location

Ballooning from at Whoop Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale, LA6 2GY


Having made your way to the launch site, you will meet your balloon crew and begin to feel the anticipation rising as the balloon envelope is laid out on the ground ready for inflation. This part of the experience takes about an hour.

If you'd like to help with the balloon inflation, that's great. If not, just take in the fresh Windermere air and soak up the atmosphere as the burners ignite and start to fill the balloon with hot air.

With final safety checks in order, it will be time to jump aboard the basket of your hot air balloon and ease gently off and upwards. Soon the expansive views open up and the sheer splendour of the Lake District presents itself in all its glory.

Drifting serenely over the stunning scenery near Windermere, your balloon pilot will point out the key landmarks and sights. Be sure to take way too many pictures! But most importantly, let your Lake District ballooning adventure let you feel free and relaxed like never before...

After an hour of unforgettable ballooning, your pilot will prepare the balloon for landing. As your journey is at the will of the wind, you could be landing at any number of locations! Take in the last of the big views as you make your descent.

Having experienced the excitement of a balloon landing, it will be time to disembark and enjoy a champagne toast! You will then get collected by the ground crew and returned to launch site, armed with a flight certificate and emotions you'll treasure for a lifetime.

Intineraries map

Cumbria - home to some of the world's great hot air balloon flights, and a flight from Kirkby Lonsdale opens up a whole new visual extravaganza! With its South Lakeland location, you'll get to enjoy the beauty of both Cumbria and the brooding Yorkshire Dales.

If you're a hot air balloon ride over the Lake District instead, then we have two options for you to consider. One launch location in the north of the Lake District and the other in the south. In the north, you can take in dramatic views that revolve around the long, slender expanse of Ullswater.


If you're looking to see the southern end of this stunning part of the country, with its centrepiece of Lake Windemere, then you can choose between morning, evening and weekend flights on our dedicated Windemere pages.


For even more ballooning options in Cumbria, then head over to HotAirBalloonFlights.com where you can find over a hundred launch locations, across the UK, including the gorgeous North West of England.


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