Let the wild beauty of Kirkby Lonsdale, Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales drift into view on an utterly magical hot air ballooning adventure of a lifetime!

Balloon Flight Over Kirkby Lonsdale 

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Expansive. Captivating. Epic. Unforgettable…

If you’re looking for a hot air balloon ride to take your breath away, then a champagne flight from Kirkby Lonsdale could be just the escape you’ve been looking for. Taking advantage of its location in South Lakeland, Kirkby Lonsdale has dramatic vistas on its doorstep, and is the perfect launchpad to create memories that will, quite simply, last a lifetime.

Immediately to the east, expansive views over the brooding Yorkshire Dales summons the eye and refuses to let go. This blend of brooding, savage beauty and human thumbprints in the form of quaint villages and dramatic viaducts offer up views that you’ll want to capture with your camera and your heart. Should you drift westward, the Arnside and Silversdale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty will surely captivate you, as will the unmistakeable natural skyline of the beautiful Lake District that lies slightly further to the north.

If the breeze carries you south, you’ll follow the path of the River Lune, which is one of the first sights to greet you as you start to rise on your balloon ride overhead, and one that lets you know, you’re about to experience this beautiful part of the world from a whole new, unforgettable perspective. This is ballooning, Kirkby Lonsdale style.




Historic Crossing

Cameras at the ready for the picturesque Devil's Bridge in Kirkby Lonsdale and lots more!

Shimmering Horizons

Perhaps you'll drift westward towards open sea, or magnificent shimmering lakes.

Brooding Beauty

Let the natural splendour of the Yorkshire Dales unfold before you on this epic balloon flight.

A Magical Location

Ballooning from at Whoop Hall, Kirkby Lonsdale, LA6 2GY


Having made your way to the launch site, you will meet your balloon crew and begin to feel the anticipation rising as the balloon envelope is laid out on the ground ready for inflation. This part of the experience takes about an hour.

If you'd like to help with the balloon inflation, that's great. If not, just take in the fresh Windermere air and soak up the atmosphere as the burners ignite and start to fill the balloon with hot air.

With final safety checks in order, it will be time to jump aboard the basket of your hot air balloon and ease gently off and upwards. Soon the expansive views open up and the sheer splendour of the Lake District presents itself in all its glory.

Drifting serenely over the stunning scenery near Windermere, your balloon pilot will point out the key landmarks and sights. Be sure to take way too many pictures! But most importantly, let your Lake District ballooning adventure let you feel free and relaxed like never before...

After an hour of unforgettable ballooning, your pilot will prepare the balloon for landing. As your journey is at the will of the wind, you could be landing at any number of locations! Take in the last of the big views as you make your descent.

Having experienced the excitement of a balloon landing, it will be time to disembark and enjoy a champagne toast! You will then get collected by the ground crew and returned to launch site, armed with a flight certificate and emotions you'll treasure for a lifetime.

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