Ullswater Weekday Anytime Balloon Flight

Let the beauty of Ullswater and the Lake District unfold before you as you drift gently overhead on a ballooning adventure of a lifetime!

Balloon Flight Over Ullswater

champagne weekday anytime balloon ride

Stunning. Glorious. Uplifting. And simply unforgettable…

Start your champagne Virgin Balloon flight at the impressive Dalemain Mansion and Gardens, located at the northern end of Ullswater which provides for a perfectly civilised way to start your ballooning escape over the captivating Lake District countryside.

As the unforgettable journey begins, be on the scout for Pooley Bridge, which takes its name from the 16th century crossing that spans the River Eamont on the northern tip of Ullswater, quite close to the Dalemain Estate. As you enjoy the breeze up high, so others will be embracing it down on the water as Ullswater is popular with all sorts of watercraft. You might even spot one of the steamers taking tourists on trips on the lake.

On landing you will be transported back to Dalemain Mansion – the perfect opportunity to explore the house and gardens (something you can do beforehand if you’re on an afternoon flight). With so much to see and do in this gorgeous part of the Lake District, you’re ballooning adventure can be either the perfect start of wonderful closure to some quality time exploring one of England’s most beautiful regions.



Picture Perfect Ullswater

Panoramic lenses at the ready: at 7.5 miles long, Ullswater is the second longest lake in England!

Delightful Dalemain

Get a bird's eye shot of this handsome mansion and its gorgeous grounds and gardens.

Go down to Howtown

Be on the lookout for this hamlet that serves as a stop for the Ullswater Steamers on the lake.

A Magical Location

Ballooning weaves its spell at Dalemain Estate, Dalemain, Penrith, Cumbria, CA11 0HB


Meet at dawn and inflate the balloon. Drift serenely over the Lake District. Take way too many pictures! Feel free and relaxed like never before... Experience the excitement of a balloon landing. Get collected by the ground crew and return to launch site.

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