About the Images on this Website

Throughout this website we have used images that include stock photos, images provided by ballooning operators and pictures from the internet that we believe are in the public domain.

It is never our intention to infringe on anybody’s IP, or cause upset, but we also understand through experience building our ballooning websites, that sometimes it can be very difficult to identify the original source of an image as they can frequently be used on multiple sites (whether with permission/rights or not).

Should you have any concerns that one of your images has been used incorrectly, please contact us! We can either remove it, credit you with the photo – or even link to your website if that would be a positive outcome for you.

When you do contact us, please let us know:

  1. The page on this website where the image is located
  2. What ownership evidence you can provide on the picture
  3. What your preferred outcome is, or if you’d like to discuss
  4. Your contact details and preferred time and contact method

We will do everything we can to amend the situation quickly and politely.


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