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Our website uses cookies to better enhance your experience here. We cannot identify you or gain any personal information from your computer. We sometimes use analytics to get a better understanding of how our website is performing and what our (unidentified) visitors do whilst here – that helps us improve the website in order to help people who visit.


We do not collect any personal information on this website, including your location or anything that identifies you on an individual basis, your name and so forth.

When booking a balloon ride, you will be covered by the terms and conditions of the operator’s website, not ours, so please do check if you are in any way concerned.

If you contact us, we will only use your details to deal with your direct enquiry – they are never sold on. If we need to pass your contact details to a professional balloon operator in order for them to be able to assist you in getting a flight booked, we will seek your permission first.

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